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Joshua Morgan

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I am a Senior Software Developer located in Mooresville, NC. My professional interests are in software system architecture and design, web and middle tier development, and tailoring development methodologies. I have spent over 18 years working in IT on both infrastructure and software development.

I'm originally from California and have relocated to Mooresville after spending a few years in Phoenix. My wife (Erica), youngest daughter (Mary), and my two K9 sidekicks (Hobo and Moody) are enjoying our home here in the South. We stay pretty busy with work, our studies, and church, but we do try to find time to explore our new surrounding, take in a movie, and just relax. We are also highly experienced and avid hikers (Okay, we only went that one time, but we made it out alive so it deserves mention). We also like to try random new hobbies like shooting model rockets, target shooting, or researching genealogy. I also enjoy taking to the open road on my Harley. Overall, we are just your friendly neighborhood code monkey and nerdy art teacher turned stay at home mom.